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Solaris City

This magnificent planetary capitol is a city of glass that pierces the heavens.  The city boasts a state of the art elevated train system to quickly and efficiently transport residents and tourists alike.  The monolithic skyscrapers are home to offices, government, and an abundance of entertainment.  The industrial and residential zones are close in proximity to keep the wheels turning.  And don't miss out on the spectacular views from the elegant rooftop plazas, located throughout the city.  Enjoy your stay in Solaris City, and may lady luck be in your favour!

Release date: May 2018

I created this map imagining what a meticulously planned out planetary capitol would resemble.  The main, freeway sized roads are virtually symmetrical, while the smaller side roads are much more unique in each district.  The elevated train system provides high ground throughout much of the map, but leaves players extremely vulnerable.  The train system also creates difficult tactical decisions by the player, as the ramps to get the high ground are few and far between - so users with more firepower than mobility must commit if they desire the high ground.

Rubellite Oasis

Rich in rare mineral deposits, the rubellite tourmalines are the only aspect that earned this place the title of "oasis."  Mining structures abandoned centuries ago have eroded to an unrecognizable state, but remain (mostly) structurally sound.  The permanently raging storm has blacked out the sky with an unsightly jaundice fog and created massive dunes that nearly bury some of the structures.  Hurricane winds prevent any sort of unprotected exploration, so make sure you don't leave the safety of your 'mech!

Release Date: November 2017

This map is vastly different from what I first planned.  Through iterative design and the feedback of other developers and end users, I experienced multiple eureka moments that quickly turned this level into a community favourite.  All upper areas of the map are accessible to any 'mech, with or without jump-jets, and provide valuable tactical positions.  The drops from these heights provide quick escape routes from ambushes, but doing so comes at the cost of noticeable leg damage.  The multi-level gameplay gives players countless flanking routes, promising no two matches will be the same.

Solaris 7 Maps

This set of 5 arenas are built for up close and personal combat between the fiercest competitors.  31st century gladiators emerge through the floor to a roaring audience, and after brief introductions of each competitor, the contest begins.  Pilots must rely on their skill and quickly learn their environment, as the enemy is never far away.

Two combatants enter, only one leaves intact.

Release Date: April 2018

Solaris 7 is a game mode that pits pilots in a 1v1 or 2v2 setting to determine who is the better warrior.  The game mode consists of 5 maps: Ishiyama Caves, The Jungle, The Factory, Boreal Reach, and Steiner Colosseum.  I built three of these maps from scratch and drastically modified one from its original state.  Each map was meticulously designed from the start to ensure perfect balance so as to keep the game mode a pure test of player skill.

On top of creating the maps, I was also responsible for playtesting and implementing user feedback, bug fixing, optimization, and preventing map exploits.  For The Factory map, I was also responsible for all of the level art implementation from start to finish.  This included meshing, lighting, particles, asset draw distances, decals, mini-map creation, unique materials, and much more.

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