City Escape - Unreal 3 level

A project done in UDK, I created this level with the personal challenge of making an action packed, script heavy level that would give the player both a sense of speed and a sense of tension.

The player meets a friendly NPC at the beginning of the level.  He provides a means of exposition as well as direction throughout the duration of the mission by means of radio communication.

The NPC informs the player their vehicle is ready, but the keys are in the shed.  The player is unable to enter the vehicle until the keys are obtained.

There was a fake vehicle used in place of a real one so the player could not enter it.  The real vehicle spawned on key pickup.


Geometry and lighting are big aspects in creating the sense of speed for the player while they are in the vehicle. Repeating geometry and pools of light created a sense of progression and movement.


The only vehicle property modified was the turning radius, but I managed to give the vehicle a sense of speed much higher than expected by using the geometry and lighting.


Scripting was by far the biggest aspect of this level.  Just after entering the vehicle and rounding the first bend, the player sees a garage open ahead of them with an enemy Cicada taking off - this gives the player a sense of urgency.

To get the player to go left at a four way intersection, I created a large truck out of static meshes and had it enter from the right and block the path straight ahead, leaving only one option.  I gave the player a warning before reaching the intersection by triggering a foghorn just before the truck entered.

Enemy AI was scripted to have sub-par accuracy so the projectiles passing by would give an even greater sense of speed.