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Gears of War 3 - Sewage (Multiplayer map)

This is a small project I did over the span of five days.  It is a symmetrical map situated at the exit of a large sewage system that the COG are using as a means of transit into a Locust controlled base.  The raw sewage that flows through the map affects player movement speed by a percentage that is to be determined/tuned.


Team spawn locations are in the top left corner and top centre of the image, while the main combat area is the line of symmetry cutting the map into East and West hemispheres.


Big risks give big rewards in Sewage, as players have the options of flanking their opponents at the cost of movement speed, sniping at the risk of quick flanks, and powerful weapons at the risk of exposure to several lines of sight.

This map's setting is the exit of a large sewer system.  The entire area is checkpoint established by the Locust to prevent the COG from infiltrating via the sewer tunnels.  

The physics volume, represented in dark grey in the lower image, is to be indicated in game by use of a fluid surface actor using a green and brown sludge material.  The properties of the physics volume will reduce all aspects of player movement speed.


To ensure players are all aware of the physics volume, they will begin the match inside the volume with several methods to quickly exit onto dry ground.

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